Mt. Shasta’s Sacred Spring

Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta

In August I was  in beautiful Mt. Shasta and this is what I wrote on August 3:  I have been here  four days now and each of the last three days have been called to the mountain.  I have spent hours gazing into the sacred spring crowning Upper Panther Meadows, which is resplendent with multi-colored wild flowers bursting forth with their radiance from the verdant soil.  This is a place to sit in wonder of the magnificence of nature, eight thousand feet above the expanse of the hills and valleys rolling out like a magic carpet full of treasures below.  It is one of the most magical places on earth to me.

My fascination with the spring kept me in a state of deep quite as I could perceive the gifts it had for me.  Every day I received its message. The water represented my soul.  I have always seen our soul energy as a liquid river of Light.  I see the Light coming from Source, through my crown chakra and moving steadily into my heart.  Then, if my heart is open, it can stream from that deep place of love and out into the world.

As I gazed into the spring and saw the water endlessly bursting forth from the earth herself, without hesitation or resistance, constant and so clear, I could feel that that is how it is when we are open to being the true channels of love that we are meant to be. 

I could feel the constriction and contraction that I have sometimes felt within my heart which blocks the flow of my soul in its purest form.  I could see how any self doubt or self judgement can close the heart and prevent the free flow of the soul.

This was in my contemplation as I sat beside the spring those days.

Yesterday, I met with four dear friends who are a part of a wonderful, nurturing  goddess group and involved in HUB, the humanitarian organization that is my latest passion.  We town and all rode up together to the mountan at about 9am.  When we got to the trail to get into upper Panther Meadows, it looked like rain but we did have some time to gather in circle to pass the talking stick.  It felt like we all were getting the message lately to really practice just being .moving into our feminine in a fuller way and being open to receiving more instead of doing, acting, controlling and such.

After our sharing it started pouring and slightly hailing!  So we went back to the car to eat our breakfast.  Just at the right time, the sky began to clear and we set out for the meadow and the magical spring.

This is the really amazing part . just as we got to the sacred spring at the top of the gorgeous meadow, an elderly Native American arrived too along with some other people.  We all silently sat near the spring and he invited us to join him in ceremony.  He passed around the sage as we all cleared ourselves.  Then he began a beautiful chanting and singing to the spring.  It was amazingly perfect timing.

As we were mesmerized by his haunting chants, another elderly Native American shaman arrived with two women.  He also began his own chanting which was movingly intertwining with the first man’s song.  This one had a huge feathered fan which he was using to clear the woman’s aura.  As he chanted and sang, he suddenly came forth with some deep sobs and tears.  At this point, I could feel the pain of the earth and of humanity deep in my heart.  It was as though my heart was cracked open to a deeper level than I have ever felt.

At that moment I felt not only that my heart was ready to let go and allow my soul to flow freely without restraints, but I could also feel the energy of HUB flowing forth steadily, strongly and without restraint nurturing the world with its all encompassing vision.I suddenly received the message from the spring that it is time that I allow my soul, as the liquid river of Light, complete freedom to flow fully, freely and without any resistance from my heart into all aspects of my life.  I was to be immersed in the divine feminine and do these three things consistently:

With my mind’s eye I saw a lotus flower within my heart open wide.  It would never be closed again.

This experience moved me so deeply and showed me how I have closed my heart at times, holding back the flowing river.  Seeing the water in its constancy flowing from the earth without any restraint and the pure water taking the path of least resistance, I truly felt that it is time to let my soul flow, let it go, let it be what it is meant to be . no holding back, no constriction, no fear.

Shasta is my second spiritual home and I am forever grateful for the gifts this sacred and beautiful mountain hold for us all.

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