2010 – Day One … My Perfect Day

Love is All There Is

Love is All There Is

Bubbles and Orbs

Bubbles and Orbs

Amazing Light at Honaunau

Amazing Light at Honaunau

Aloha and Many Blessings for a Wondrous New Year!

It is now 2010 and doesn’t the energy feel so Light?  After the density of 2009, I can literally feel a higher vibration within my body as we gently flow into the next decade, hearts open and willing to receive.  It is a powerful day as we welcome the new year celebrating a Blue Mo0n and Lunar Eclipse with the fire of expansion and radiance dancing in our hearts!  I appreciate all the blessings that are shining down upon us and wish you the very best of brilliance in this new year.

For me,  this last twenty four hours is the perfect day.  As I was experiencing wave after wave of joy today I looked at each delicous experience and moment and said to myself, “If I were to design the perfect moment, the perfect experience, would this be it?”  YES, I replied with great gusto over and over again!  I peered into my past and could see the many moments that were challenging, sorrowful, confusing, fearful and such and realized that this special day had none of that … it only held pure joy from beginning to end (it is now 11pm)  This realization showed me that all the hard work I had done on my wounded psyche and emotional body over the many years of spiritual search were really paying off for me today.  It also confirmed what I have known for a long time … jumping off the cliff and following our hearts was the exact right move for my husband, Doug, and I.  It has transformed my life completely!

I consider the beginning of this perfect day midnight of last night … the moment time clicked into the next decade.  What could be more perfect than celebrating the transformation with a few very precious  friends … dancing and laughing and watching the big ball fall in New York!  Perfection!  This explosion of joy followed by quiet time of delicious love-making with my wonderful husband … snuggling cozily into a comfortable sleep together … to a dawn awakening with a calling to go to swim with the dolphins!

Doug and I quickly got up, put on our swim suits and drove the ten minutes to the dolphin bay.  Since we could see no dolphins there, we ended up at one of the other bays and felt the call of the whales.  Perched atop the cliff overlooking the bay, no sooner had we gazed out across the bay but we saw three large whales and a baby whale cavorting just behond the point!  It was  a thrill as we had been calling them in that morning as we so wished to see some whales before our dolphin swim … perfection!  We watched them longingly as they made their way north.

Upon our visit to the middle bay, we saw that there were many dolphins leaping and spinning, showing us that they were in playful mode and seemed to be saying, “Come on in … let’s have fun!”  It felt as though they were ushering in the new year with great celebration.  What a swim!  There must have been from 80 to 100 dolphins who invited us repeatedly to come within the pod and be one of them!  Time after time a small group would come up all around us, surrounding us and placing us in the middle of the whole pod so that we felt as though we were being hugged intimately by these angels of the sea.  Amazing, wonderful and exciting! … And, from time to time they would send hundreds of bubbles gleefully engulfing us in pure joy (she photo above … these look more to me like orbs but you can get the picture.)  Such fun.

Filled to the brim with  bliss, we then had  lunch with an old friend and her new partner … very interesting people and a delighful conversation, and did I mention fabulous food?  I noticed that this has always been another wish I have had for years … to be surrounded with high vibrational, conscious, intelligent and really fun people.  Another notch on my perfect day.

Lunch was followed by an excellent massage (a true gift to myself to start the new year being good to my body.)   Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Then on to some quiet time to myself to reflect at one of my favorite sacred places in Hawaii, the sacred Place of Refuge (or P’uhonua o Honaunau)  On my way there, I was drawn to stop by the Painted Church, a charming, small Catholic church covered inside with amazing sacred artwork throughout.  I was raised Catholic and though I have expanded way beyond the limited tenents and doctorine of this religion, I found it comforting and sweetly nostalgic to sit in silence within this little chapel to just drink in the sacred energy there.  I could see how the symbolism held within many of the paintings could be used as easily within the context of metaphysics as in strict religion.  I felt a sense of the true oneness of all beliefs when one sees into the real core.  Catholicism was my foundation as a child and I pondered the meaning and purpose of my soul’s creation of that  particular path as I simultaneously embraced it as a touchstone that helped me through the challenges that lie ahead in my growing years.  I could just feel how our souls allow certain experiences to support our learning and expansion into the knowledge of who we really are as Divine Beings.

After finally making my way to the Place of Refuge and settling into the perfect private spot where I could be alone and commune with the sea and the special energy there, what did I see but a humpback whale spout!  Hurrah, the whales were here as well at the end of the day … what joy!  Suddenly, I could see splash after splash … the spinner dolphins were jumping, spinning and circling right in front of me only some yards out from the lava!  Whales, dolphins and sunset … oh my … can it get more amazing?  Immersed in this blissful moment, I fell into deep appreciation for the blessings of life, the energy of the universe and the wonderful people who surrounded me in 2009, giving their all to support me in so many ways … can it get better than this?  Ushering in the gorgeous Kona sunset, the dolphins kept up their dance of joy, seeming to say to me, “You see, all you have to do is dream the dream, feel the feelings, and you have the power to create in your highest imagination!”

Coming home to my warm and loving husband, going to the movies (our favorite escape) and feeling  as thought the universe is completely on my side finished this glorious day and again I asked myself ….”If I were to design the perfect day, was this it?”  Yes, yes, and yes again!

I invite you too to design your perfect day and then just open and allow it all to come to you!  I realize that the absence of fear has had a huge role in my letting go and allowing myself to receive like this.  The dolphins and whales have been so instrumental in helping me to clear so much fear … today they showed me the rewards of doing that inner work, clearing all that is not really us, and opening to miracles (ordinaries, as Doug would call them) and to true bliss and joy!

May you have the most amazing and wondrous year in 2010.

Much love and Aloha,   Trish

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