The Magic of Choice

Clouds showing three timelines

Clouds showing three timelines

Other than the previous post of last month, I have not been guided to write in my blog for some time. Going through the shift of 2012 and progressing into this amazing year of 2013, I have been on a deep inner journey of discovery and transformation on many levels.

I have been completely following my heart and only taking actions that feed my soul. Of course, many say that an entrepreneur must keep themselves in the public eye in front of their clients in order to keep business flowing … this means writing in your blog a few times a month. For me, though, all of that activity, up until now, just has not done it for me. I simply cannot move into any action that does not feel right.

Perhaps you are feeling that way too? I have read that the “symptoms of ascension” include this kind of inertia for some and maybe that is what is happening. It is as though nothing matters, really, except inner peace and love for me. I have no ambition as in the past.

It is not that I do not care about our dolphin business at all, but I simply am in trust that all is in perfect divine order. I do know that choosing actions like sitting at the ocean each day for hours feeds my soul rather than working hard on marketing and business. My “normal, ambitious hard-working self” is taking the back seat for now and I am learning so much.

I wish to share with you some profound experiences I have been having as I sit at the ocean and just BE.

If you have read my story of the amazing encounter with the female whale who came right up to my face last summer in Tonga, you will see how that experience relates to what I will tell you now. You can find that story titled “Kissed by a Whale” here in my blog.

At the time of that surreal experience, I kept wondering why I needed that super extraordinary message about TRUST? Why was the whale giving me that message so powerfully when I really was not in any fear and my life was going along smoothly?

I found that answer in January of this year when my husband faced a life threatening medical emergency. He is fine now and thriving, but at the time I was thrown into a place I had never been before. The experience of witnessing this emergency situation placed me into post traumatic stress for a week afterward.

After that stressful week, I made it a point to go down to the ocean each and every day to bring myself back to my Self.

One day I had an experience that was a message from Spirit and my Higher Self that was so clear for me. I was shown three timelines/paths I could choose.

First I saw, on the left (in my mind’s eye) a path that was full of fear and worry. On this path, I saw myself worrying that my husband would pass, we would lose our home and everything and all would be lost.

Then I was shown the opposite path … a path of pure faith and trust that we are completely taken care of and total and complete blind TRUST.

Then I was show a middle path … a path that included total and complete trust AND also taking care of third dimension needs and business. You may know the saying, “Have faith in God and tie up your camel.”

I chose the middle path. That felt really good and felt like a path I could follow easily.

The next day I had another profound experience from Spirit related to this one. I will share that in my next post. Stay tuned!

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