Insights on Wave X and September 28

Eagle in Flight

Eagle in Flight

Dolphin Radiance

Dolphin Radiance

As most of you know, September 28 of last month was a powerful time for planet earth. Not only were we blessed with huge waves of positive energy gamma rays but also the influence of the Blood Moon and autumnal lunar eclipse. All of this information seemed to coalesce as a sign that planet earth and all its inhabitants received a monumental shift of energy propelling us into the Golden Age!

While many expected to feel a real difference the day after this event, many did not feel what they thought they would and were disappointed. My husband, Doug, and I actually believe that each human will ascend (raise our frequency) in our own way guided and gently moved forward by our souls and Higher Selves. We believe that this will be a gradual ascension, each moving at their own pace.

I would like to share with you my experience. On the morning of September 28 at 11:11, Doug and I were in meditation. I had put some beautiful meditation music on and we fell into that blissful space within.

The music played softly for about 15 minutes when suddenly it moved into the beautiful dolphin music we play at our dolphin retreats! I did not plan it that way … it just happened.

When the music flowed over me, I saw the dolphins circling us and felt their joyous energy. I asked the dolphins if they had a message for me at that point. Here is what they said, “From this moment forth, you are pure love.” The words flowed into my heart and I felt divine oneness.

Mind you, I did not fully understand what they meant … was this for me; was it for all; what did it really mean?? When the meditation ended, I felt joy but still did not comprehend the message fully. I decided to just let it be and knew the meaning would come to me some time when I integrated the experience.

Later that morning, my friend, Kahea, and I went off to the local hot tub to chat about our experiences. What happened when we were going to the car afterward was so amazing!

We looked up in the sky and saw a bald eagle soaring above us! Now, I have seen bald eagles in the mountains, out in the woods, by rivers and lakes, but I have never seen one flying around in an urban area?! I just knew it was a sign of something good! The sky does that for me … I am a cloud watcher and get so many signs in the clouds!

I have been “being” with these two symbols, the eagle and the dolphin pure love message, for this last week and I believe I know the message now.

First, the dolphins coming into my meditation the morning of the 28th was a message to me that ALL is pure love. If I really delve into that truth, it helps me to set aside my judgments of “good” or “bad” about this reality we are immersed in. If all is pure love, then there is a purpose for even the most heinous of crimes against humanity. There is a purpose for the negativity, the darkness, the fear. It truly is all pure love … it all is God.

Yes, I know that those of us who have been on the spiritual path for a long time are used to hearing these kinds of truths. But how much do we truly live it? How much do I really believe it?

I tend to live my life now in most moments in joy and trust, but this recent awakening from the dolphins has helped me to rise above my little ego mind and accept the higher truth of oneness more and more each day without judging things. It is moving me more into acceptance and surrender and trust of the universe. We are ALL PURE LOVE.

The eagle sighting has been infiltrating my mind with more insights too. The eagle is the symbol for freedom and victory. They also can see far above the norm … the eagle sees the whole reality, the entirety.

So having the eagle come to us on the 28th was so powerful for me in that it signified firstly that we must soar to the Light of All Possibility and out of the Old Matrix to see the whole truth of our existence here. We must choose to see the “big picture” instead of getting caught up in the mundane aspects and challenges of this third dimension.

For me, the big picture is that we have all chosen (or been chosen) to be here to assist in the shift of the ages from third to fifth dimensional living. We are here to hold the Light. And when I view my life from the perspective of the “eagle’s eye” I can truly feel that truth in every cell. This helps me to keep my vision on the Light and not on the darkness, trusting my guidance and assisting in doing my part for this hologram in which we exist right now.

I do feel, too, that the eagle showed up to remind us all that victory is very near … that the darkness is truly lifting and we, humanity and the earth, are FREE!!! Keep the vision! As much as we can hold our attention on the Light, the Oneness, the Joy of Pure Love, we can make a difference!

PS the photo of the eagle and the sunset here is a merging of my sunset photo and a photo of a bald eagle … not in real time. The dolphin photo is a magical one I took in Hawaii.

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