Shasta Mastery Retreat Magic!

Huge Pleiadian Ship, larger than Mt. Shasta, that showed up on our last full day!

Huge Pleiadian Ship, larger than Mt. Shasta, that showed up on our last full day!

Shasta ship clouds that showed up later that day

Shasta ship clouds that showed up later that day

I want to share with you the extraordinary magic that occurred during my Shasta Mastery Retreat from October 12-17, 2015 … just last week. I usually don’t post things about my retreats, but this particular one was amazing in its transformations, physical and emotional healings, spiritual expansion and visible clear signs of visitations from our benevolent ET friends (specifically the Pleiadians!)

In June of this year, I had a powerful meditation experience being invited, with my Shasta group, into Telos, the Lemurian city within Mt. Shasta. Please see that story in my post from July 2 entitled, “Invitation Into Lemurian Telos.”

I knew that we would be invited with the group during the actual retreat to complete the task we were invited to be a part of to help the world and humanity release resistance to the great changes coming with the Golden Age. It was a magical and powerful experience for all of us and we felt the energy completely. Beautiful.

One of my participants came to the retreat with plans to exit this reality if she did not receive a huge transformation during this retreat. Her life had become unbearable and she had many physical challenges and just had had enough. Interestingly, I just knew she would find that healing, so I was not concerned … I just trusted in the magic of the energy, the mountain, the group and our Beings of Light who were with us the whole time. I could not have planned such a powerful transformation for her! I will get to that.

Our first day’s excursion was to the sacred mountain. Mt. Shasta is my second spiritual home and I so love the energy there. I have been visiting Shasta every year for probably 45 years and each time I see something unusual, magical and amazing!

We enjoyed a truly uplifting initiation with the big trees and the whales … yes, the whales in Shasta worked through the trees to bring us into the 11th dimension … so powerful! Then we went up to the magic meadow, Panther Meadow for contemplation.

That night, this woman who was despondent at the beginning of the retreat (let’s call her AD) told the group that her angels told her that she would know the answer about her life in 23 hours. So the next day, while the group was at the McCloud River, she got her answser!

She was told that she was a Pleiadian and her troubles were over completely … her body would be healed and she would bring forward a new healing method called Pleiadian Reiki. This healing would flow from her hands and would be very powerful. She also was told she would live a long life and ascend at age 92!

Of course, she was ecstatic and so happy that she could not only be healed herself but also heal others. Her information about the Pleiadians flowed forth in clear fashion and she shared much of what they were telling her.

I became a true believer in her transformation and healing powers when I asked her to remove the pressure I always have felt in my third eye area each time I have facilitated retreats. It felt like energy was stuck there and always became uncomfortable. She worked on that area and sure enough … the pressure went away for the whole time and is not there now!

Another participant had broken his heal 11 years ago and has been painful every since. After working on that, the pain completely went away. Many others had knee pain or other pain and were also healed. It was miraculous!

On the fourth night, “AD” told us that the Pleiadians were bringing a mother ship and three other smaller ships to come over our B&B and would have many doctors on board. They would beam us all up into the ships and work on all of us from 11pm to 4am. We were to ask to awaken refreshed and rejuvenated, otherwise would be very tired.

That night the group was very tired so we just stopped early at about 9pm. When I walked out of the meeting room, I looked at the mountain and saw a big sparkly “star” or ship hovering over the mountain. I wasn’t sure at first if it was just a star … or could it be a ship?

Sure enough, after just a minute or so, the beaming light began to move back and forth and up and down! I knew, then, it was a ship and called the others to witness this. We watched for about an hour as this ship, every two or three minutes, would put on a show for us by moving back and forth, up and down and even in a U shape or sometimes in circles! I kept asking everyone if they were seeing the same thing I was?! Yes, yes, yes … we all knew for sure it was a ship and “AD” told us it, indeed, was the Pleiadian ship we were told about and that is was coming toward us for the night time healings.

When we finally went to sleep, Doug and I did ask to awaken refreshed. I awoke at 5:30am (unusual for me!) feeling so fantastic! I was fully awake and happy. I looked out the window and saw some beautiful planets and stars and was drawn to go outside to see. When I got out in front of the B&B I looked up and saw the star system Sirius right above us (we work with the dolphins, who are from this star system) … I also saw the Pleiades right over the other house where the others were sleeping. I also saw the big dipper right over the mountain in a vertical position with the handle going down into the mountain. It was so magical.

I had to go get Doug to come down too. When he came down to be with me in this precious pre dawn beauty, we decided to just do our regular 2 mile walk even though it was just starting to get a bit light. As we walked, I was looking at the mountain and all of a sudden I saw a huge “shooting star” or ship going right into the mountain! It was either a star going down at the horizon behind the mountain … or it was indeed a ship going into the mountain! We have heard there are ET ports there. A few minutes later, on the left of the big dipper, another huge ship or star went right down into the mountain too!

When we finished our walk, the dawn was breaking and we looked on the left of the mountain and saw a huge cloud ship forming!! We weren’t sure because it was still pretty dark, so we waited for the light to become brighter. The photo above is the shot we took at about 6:45am …. a huge mother ship bigger than the mountain!!!!

We tuned in and felt it was that Pleiadian Mother Ship that “AD” told us about that had the beings working on us all night. Simply magical! If I had ever had any doubts that we are not alone and that our benevolent ET brothers and sisters are assisting us and humanity to move into the Light, any doubts at all have completely vanished forever!

During the retreat we allowed the eagle to inspire us to see with the eagles’ eye the big picture of our reality and co-created hologram so that we could move forward with expanded vision. On the last night, St. Germain visited us through channeled information that was enlightening and perfect for our spiritual journeys. So grateful.

As you can see, this trip and this powerful group of beings who were in this group, was absolutely expanding and transformational with many finding new direction, clearer guidance about their lives, physical and emotional healing and profound spiritual expansion.

We are so very grateful to “AD”, to the Pleiadians, the Telosions, St. Germain and all the Beings of Light who ushered us into this transformation. Thank you, thank you, thank you … and so it is.

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