Aloha and thank you so much for reading my blog!

My passion is joy, inspiration, spiritual expansion, higher consciousness and the upliftment of humanity!  In this blog I am going to share inspiring stories, deep wisdom received from Beings of Light and my guides, dolphin and whale stories and interesting information gathered from my quest for the highest Truth.  I hope you enjoy it!

Due to a dramatic spiritual calling, in 1994, my husband, Doug Hackett, and I jumped off the cliff, moved to Hawaii and co-founded Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii offering dolphin and whale swim retreats in Hawaii and the Kindgom of Tonga.  The dolphins and whales have transformed our lives in deep and profound ways and we now live in much joy as we have learned to let go into the flow of our spiritual destinies.

I am author of the book series, Essential Joy:  Finding It, Keeping It, Sharing It and through my guided meditation CDs and inspirational DVDs, Quantum Light Activations and Into the Light Soul Readings, I hope to inspire you to live from your core center soul essence … expressing your highest brilliance in alignment with yours and the worlds highest good.

Come play with me as we usher in the Golden Age together!

Dolphin, Whale & Mastery Retreats:

Week long spiritual retreats to swim with dolphins in Hawaii, with whales in Tonga and join me for my Mastery Retreats in Hawaii and Mt. Shasta

Soul Readings & Light Activations

Intuitive readings with channeled messages from your Guides and powerful energy Light Activations to clear mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies

Dolphin Meditations

Guided meditations with dolphins and angels to take you into the heart and to merge with your soul

Whale Light Activation

Guided meditation healing journey with the whales wherein they help you to become translucent and transparent, healing mind, body and spirit

Healing the Feminine

Guided meditation to heal the feminine wound of mankind (Golden Vessel Anointing) and a morning meditation to prepare for your day

Sacred Partnership

Guided meditations from my Sacred Partnership Course to heal and complete past relationships and balance masculine/feminine to prepare for your beloved

Sacred Partnership Teleseminar CD Set

A four hour course by teleseminar to prepare for and manifest, on the highest spiritual level, your beloved

Essential Joy Books

Book set Essential Joy:  Finding It, Keeping It, Sharing It by Trish Regan.  How to bring true joy into your life through learning true balance and surrender to the soul

Quantum Manifestation

A powerful, advanced process for manifestation using sacred geometry, balance of masculine/feminine and sacred sound (DVD and CD)


Trish Regan
PO Box 171
Captain Cook, HI (Big Island)


  1. Another “lookin’ good” site, your trademark of excellence is continuing!

    All the best,


  2. Trish,
    It is wonderful to contact you, after Carol’s glowing introduction, and to log onto your blog. My wife Janet and I have been practicing tong ren energy healing for some time now (www.gb13.net) and related methods such Raymon Grace. We have become more and more alienated from mainstream objectives, even to following the works of Jeff Grupp (www.antimatterradio.com). We are certainly into following and growing our consciousness, and have even experienced a brief swim with dolphins in the Bahamas – such amazing creatures, we knew it even then! I guess that’s why we just naturally joined with Carol for this Fiji school, it is such a worthwhile thing to be doing.

    I liked particularly your ‘purple ray of compassion’ blog entry, that sums up the necessity for change in the fairly unbelievable aroma of what is happening in conventional American society. Presently we are living right on the beach on Gloucester, MA (the oldest fishing town in America) and one simply absorbs the ambience of several centuries of fishermen and the sea, seagulls, and self sufficiency. I do like your story of just jumping off a cliff to re-start, it has a resonance with us. We’d love to do a retreat with you when we can, too.
    Thank you again for your generosity to our Fiji school project,
    Craig Holmes

  3. Trish,
    Further to your note in the purple ray of compassion, about the Middle East… we were visiting Jerusalem in summer 2000, before everything went awry again. We met people from both sides…and the majority just wanted to adjust and live sufficiently in harmony for everyone to have a viable chance at life. Nothing so difficult at the individual level – no need for machine-gun-toting soldiers all over the city, or roadblocks, or the other things coming from above. Even to a huge glass exhibition by Dale Chahuli in the Tower of David. I do intend it comes to pass.

  4. Thank you so much to share with us all your experiences on your blog.
    Also i enjoy to read your website in an gratitude way and im still amazed about the stories and your experiences all.


    Sena Louis

  5. This I want to do with you someday in the future, I am planning to visit my friends/ partners in KW, Florida, will see if we can squeeze in time for Hawaii, really want too so badly, never seen a whale before and after reading your blog my desire is accelerated,

    Hang in there and be safe, Suleiman

    • Trish Regan says:

      Thanks so much for your comments. We would love to have you experience one of our life changing dolphin or whale retreats!
      Love and Light, Trish

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