“I am Love”

Color of Love

Color of Love

Pink Light of Love from the Whale

Pink Light of Love from the Whale

To continue with the amazing awakenings I have been having for the last few months (see my blog posts beginning with Apirl 9), I wish to share with you a beautiful realization I had some weeks ago.

One night I awoke from a nightmare in the middle of the night that was terrifying. I used to have nightmares often as a child, but have not had to experience them for a long time now.

This particular dream was so frightening that I awoke feeling terror in my whole body and was breathing so hard I literally could not catch my breath for several minutes after I awoke.

In the dream I was being chased by a huge and ferocious bear. You have probably had those kinds of dreams, too, that felt so real. The bear was so fast and powerful that I started screaming as it came close to me, at which moment my husband, Doug, gently touched my shoulder and I could hear him saying, “It is alright, Darling, there is nothing to woryy about. It is just a dream.”

When I heard him I could feel myself still screaming but thankfully his gentle nudge woke me up. I have never had that much terror in my body and could feel the feelings for many moments after I awoke. From my interest in dreams for many years, I knew that this was a sign from my subconscious to pay attention. [Read more…]

Choosing Fear or the Light of All Possibility

The Light of All Possibility

The Light of All Possibility

If you read my last two posts, you will see a progression of some beautiful awakenings and ah-has that have been shown to me throughout the last month or so. I feel to share these with you to inspire you too!

For a few days after my last experience, I began to feel a disconnect within me. I realized that there was a part of me that just could not really appreciate the amazing life I have and what I have been able to manifest in my life.

I have the most wonderful and loving man as my husband of over 21 years, have amazing children and grandchildren, live in the paradise of Hawaii and am so honored to be able to work with the wild dolphins and whales. I love my life … and yet I discovered this part of me that just felt detached from all of these blessings. It felt as though it really was not real … that this was someone else’s life. I couldn’t understand it.

So I went down to the ocean again to discover what was going on. I asked all my spiritual guides to surround me and called upon my Higher Self to assist me to go deep to find the answer.

I could see, in my mind’s eye, these loving beings encircling me and my beautiful HS there in the center. She called upon the part of me that feels disconnected to come forth into the circle.

All of a sudden I saw that aspect of me (let’s call her the Doubter) huddled in the fetal position on the floor. My HS asked her, “What is wrong?” [Read more…]

Surrendering to the River of Soul

The Soul is like a Liquid River of Light

The Soul is like a Liquid River of Light

After I had the clear vision of the three timelines/pathways I could choose in response to the frightening medical emergency my Husband, Doug, experienced in January (see the last post), the very next day I had another spiritual experience that was astounding for me.

Again, I found myself at the ocean, my sanctuary lately, sitting in solitude just BEing. I find that when I give myself this precious time to allow all the busy-ness to melt away, I can really open to the messages of Spirit for my life. The ocean waves have been enormous many times this year and to observe the ebb and flow mesmerizes me and puts me into an altered state often.

Add to the magic of the ocean the humpback whales who frequent our Hawaiian waters each year in the winter and we are gifted with the awesome sight of whales breaching, fin slapping and generally frolicking just a few yards from shore. The aquamarine waves are so very beautiful and lull me into letting go while I commune with the whales from my perfect perch above the waters.

On this particular day, the day after I made the choice to choose the middle path of total faith along with commitment to take care of business, I had another life changing experience.

First, let me tell you that fear and financial security has always been my biggest challenge in life. Coming from a large Irish-Catholic dysfunctional (and loving too) family, finances were always a big concern for us. My parents did the best they could and we were always fed, but I remember in my bones my mother’s constant concern and fear that there was never enough. I absorbed her fear and have worked all my life to clear that out of my being. [Read more…]

The Magic of Choice

Clouds showing three timelines

Clouds showing three timelines

Other than the previous post of last month, I have not been guided to write in my blog for some time. Going through the shift of 2012 and progressing into this amazing year of 2013, I have been on a deep inner journey of discovery and transformation on many levels.

I have been completely following my heart and only taking actions that feed my soul. Of course, many say that an entrepreneur must keep themselves in the public eye in front of their clients in order to keep business flowing … this means writing in your blog a few times a month. For me, though, all of that activity, up until now, just has not done it for me. I simply cannot move into any action that does not feel right.

Perhaps you are feeling that way too? I have read that the “symptoms of ascension” include this kind of inertia for some and maybe that is what is happening. It is as though nothing matters, really, except inner peace and love for me. I have no ambition as in the past.

It is not that I do not care about our dolphin business at all, but I simply am in trust that all is in perfect divine order. I do know that choosing actions like sitting at the ocean each day for hours feeds my soul rather than working hard on marketing and business. My “normal, ambitious hard-working self” is taking the back seat for now and I am learning so much.

I wish to share with you some profound experiences I have been having as I sit at the ocean and just BE. [Read more…]

Miracle of Song

My Dad and me

My Dad and me

I am moved to post this story as it has brought tears to those with whom I have shared it… may it inspire you and perhaps help with your loved ones too.

This is a photo of my dear Dad and I a few years before his passing in 2004. He suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and had a slow decline for some years until the family finally had to move him twenty five miles from his beloved retirement home and into the Mercy Care Home across the bay for special needs when he needed full time care.

Dad did not want to go. it was heartbreaking. I traveled from Hawaii, our home, back to California to help with the move as I wanted to be there to help my brother, Tim (Dad’s loving main caregiver), in any way I could.

A few days ago, my brother sent me this email, which brought back those sweet memories of the magic that happened that day. Here it is:

“So Trish, here I am reading the AARP bulletin (ain’t retirement weird?) and they have an article on the healing powers of music. “You can use music to get loved ones through transitions, whether it’s moving from one room to another or on to a different task.”

And of course I immediately recalled that miraculous day when we were to move Dad from the Magnolia over to Mercy in Oakland (not the first time we tried, by the way).

He refused to get out of bed or to cooperate at all. We tried everything, and were about to give up once again. The van had waited for over an hour and a half, and was ready to leave. And then you started to sing. And, oh my God, the miracle began. As you sang, Dad responded, and gradually brightened, eventually trying to join in.

He allowed his caregivers to get him up, dressed, fed and ready to go, the singing non-stop. You had an amazing repertoire, as you ran out of family favorites. I remember lullabies, show tunes, Christmas songs, camp songs, torch songs, fight songs, and more. We all tried to fill in (I think TimIII was there?). When we stopped, Dad drooped, so it had to be sustained.

All the way down the elevator, across the lobby for the last time, singing and waving goodbye went Dad. And it didn’t stop there. For the entire ride, across the San Mateo Bridge, up the East shore, all the way into Mercy, your heart gave forth with song. And it saved the day. I figure you sang continuously for at least two and one half hours. Yes, you were exhausted, but we cried with success.
Thanks, Trish! And, keep on singing!

I had to keep eye contact with Dad the whole time … if it wavered, he slumped, and he had a phobia of bridges, so I could not stop. It was the best gift I could give to my dear Dad and I loved every minute of it.

He passed just a few months after that day … it was the last time I saw him.

Kissed by a Whale in Tonga!

Kissed by a Whale

I wish to share with you the most astounding experience I have had over 12 years of swimming with whales!  Recently, during our Whales of Tonga Retreat in the beautiful Kingdom of Tonga, I experienced the closest encounter ever with a huge female humpback.

On our first day out in the boat, we had traveled some hours before coming upon five large adult whales.  I held the hand of one of our participants who needed just a little bit of support on this first swim with the enormous beings of the sea.

As we gazed down into the blue we could see these friendly whales swimming below about thirty feet or so with one or two gliding up to the surface to swim very close and look into our eyes.  At one point, as we were keeping our eyes on one huge female humpback (about fifty feet long!) who was about thirty feet below and maybe fifty feet ahead of us, we saw that she began to head up through the water directly toward us.

This was so exciting as we knew she was heading right for us and thought it was wonderful that she was so clearly in contact with us two as we floated on the surface together.  When this female got to about ten feet away from our faces, I thought to myself, “Surely she will turn or dive under so as not to hit us!”

Alas, she just kept coming!  I could not believe my eyes when her rostrum (nose) was now looming just about two to three feet from our noses!  At that point I admit I panicked a bit thinking, “She is going to really hit us!”  Conscious of my responsibility to protect my participant clutching my hand, I instinctively started to push her to the side to avoid the collision, when suddenly, quietly and gently, the whale slipped down beneath us … not a touch or bump!  It was as if we were being kissed by the whale!  We could have reached out and touched her jaw, which looked as if it was a wall about four feet high!

When the experience was over, my partner in this experience and I let out a breath of awe and felt frozen in disbelief for some moments.  She told me that she, in fact, knew the female would not hit us and was in total trust.  She said, “I ‘might’ have done the same as you – but not really sure – I had such trust – I felt like I was just completely present with the whale, I didn’t feel separation – I was entirely in the moment.  I do think it is natural and instinctive to want to protect.”

The whale gave me a telepathic message just then that said, “You must TRUST.”  This was such a profound lesson for me to trust the universe.  She showed me that even when life seems to be coming at me at times like a freight train and things may look scary or frightful, I must go inside and find the place of deep trust.  It also showed me how fully aware and conscious the whales are in their perceptions of space as this large female knew exactly where we were in proximity to her.

She told me that we can always trust our souls, our guidance, the universe and all the powers that be that all is in PERFECT DIVINE ORDER.  This message seems particularly important in this year of 2012 with its changes that are accelerating at lightening speed.  I hope this story inspires you!

Note:  The photo above is not the same whale … my photos did not turn out that day.  The photo was taken at another Whales of Tonga Retreat.  You can see what it looks like to have a whale coming right to you!

“The Call” Arcturian Message Channeled by Suzann Caroll


From Trish:  This channeling so resonated with me.  This was sent to us by a dear friend, one who has been in conversation with me for awhile now sharing our wonderment at our feelings about not wanting to “work” so hard anymore, being in an inward space with no ambition to “be someone,” and more or less not being concerned about others’ perceptions of our seeming complacence.  This information made such sense to me,  I just had to share it with you.  Wonder if you are feeling the same?  Take heart … you are just immersed in the ascension process!

May 13, 2012

Dear Ascending Ones,

We are the Arcturians and wish to speak with you today about your Mission. We will not directly tell you what your Mission is for it is through the process of finding, remembering and fine-tuning your Mission that you will find the Wisdom, Power and Love to live it.

Your Mission is not a job that you go to and leave at the end of the day. Your Mission is the reason why you chose to take embodiment during this auspicious era of Personal and Planetary Ascension.

Ascension is not a gift or a reward. Ascension is a choice and a responsibility to be the Master of your thoughts and emotions. If you are not the Master of your own energy field, it is quite difficult to step-it-up into the fifth dimension and beyond.

It is your energy field, your consciousness, which will ascend, for your earth vessel is just the container that was necessary for you to adhere your life force to the third/fourth dimensional matrix. One of the important moments of your ascension process is when you remember that you are NOT your body. YOU are the consciousness that fills, and now overlaps, your body.

Your earth vessel is the container for your consciousness, and your aura is the magnetic field that can adhere you to your multidimensional consciousness. Your full multidimensional consciousness does not need a container at all in the eighth through twelfth dimensions, and from the fifth through seventh dimensions, your container is no longer created by third dimensional elements and fourth dimensional elementals. In the fifth dimension, your container is one of light, as light ever flowing can transmit its highest expression of unconditional love.

During your process of ascension, your physical and etheric container is becoming increasingly constrictive. You are like a snake that must shed its old skin or a butterfly that no longer wants to crawl and is ready to fly. You yearn to flow, float and instantly transport yourself to the myriad light-based fifth dimensional realities that are increasingly entering your imagination and dreams. You are unsure of the manner in which you will transport and/or transmute your experience of reality into the reality of your dreams and imagination, but how that will occur is beginning to constantly haunt you.

You are being called Home. The Clarion Call has begun, and it grows stronger within every minute of your time. Sometimes this Call fills you with unconditional love and light that shines to colors and a brilliance that you never experienced before the Call entered your Being. Sometimes the Call fills you with calm patience and an inner Knowing that all is well. On the other hand, sometimes the Call fills you with great fatigue and frustration.

This fatigue and frustration is because your earthen vessel has become too small, too constrictive. You tire of the dramas that you once called life and yearn for a reality that is of a calmer, gentler pace. Ambition has left you and possession is an archaic term that bound you to a reality of work and acquisition. The only possessions that you treasure are those which you hold within and those which allow you the security of a safe place to more deeply explore your inner journey.

Hence, your home has become your haven from the hurry, scurry of a reality that you can no longer cherish. Your “yard” and all of nature can no longer be a possession for it is a living being that you lovingly tend, visit and protect.

Your birth family and the family of your adulthood may or may not understand the process that lives forever in your heart and mind, but it does not matter to you. You no longer need outer assurance that you are “doing the right thing,” or “being a good person.” You look inside now to attain that assurance. In fact, now you look inside for everything.

Once reality was outside of you, and your inner life was just an illusion, a fantasy or your imagination. Now, you look inside for guidance, truth and comfort. Those who can accept that you are strangely different than before remain in your life, and those who judge, or even fear your transition, are beginning to phase out of your reality.

You are moving your consciousness into a frequency of reality that is more important to you than physical recognition, fame, comfort or acceptance. In doing so, you are finding an independence from that which you once knew as “life.”

At the same time, you are finding a new definition of “life” that flows into that which you once knew, but expands far beyond the limitation, illusions and barriers that were once a part of your daily reality. Every now and again, fear trickles into your consciousness and you feel it like an anchor that traps you in a sensation of reality that closes your heart and dampens your mind. Fortunately, your connection with your higher frequencies of expressions can reach into your memory and remind you who you REALLY are.

Yes, you are remembering who you are now. As past/parallel 3D realities begin to flood your awareness, the grand significance of “being alive” takes on a new meaning. Death is no longer a fear of extinction, but only an interruption in your present expression of reality.

As you feel the great transformation within your self, as well as the promise of consciously creating a new, higher expression of reality, you treasure the life that had once been a burden filled with fear and challenge.

You remember now that fear was a choice of your attention and challenge was an initiation that pushed you further along your path of ascension. However, ascension is no longer a “path,” nor is it a “process.” Ascension is your every thought, every emotion and every choice of reaction, response and behavior. Ascension is a constant release of that which has been completed, and a continuous recognition of the reality that YOU are creating. [Read more…]

Councils of Light and the Emergence of the Multi-Dimensional New Earth: AA Michael Channeling by Celia Fenn

Archangel Michael Radiance

From Trish:  Please enjoy this amazing channeling by Celia Fenn.  Wonderful news for the coming times.

The New Earth Energies May 2012 – May 15, 2012

Beloved Family of Liight, at this time it gives us great Joy to be able to communicate with you again about the shifts and changes that are taking place on your Beautiful and Beloved Earth. Indeed, you are seeing many changes on your Earth, and some seem to be difficult and uncomfortable, but we ask you to know and to celebrate that all is unfolding according to the Divine Plan for the New Earth.

As you approach the 2012 Portal of Light and as you align with the Galactic Center, you are being brought fully into the Multi-Dimensional Energies of the New Earth, and the New Structures that will guide the Earth in her next cycle of Evolution are emerging.

From 2013, the Earth will be guided in her journey through Time and Space by two bodies of Awakened and Ascended Beings who will form the “Council of Elders of New Earth” and the “Earth Keeper Council” of New Earth. At this time, the Earth will be fully recognized as the Blue Star, or the Blue Water Star as she truly is, and the partner of the Fire Star Solaris. These changes will bring you to a new perception of your World and your role in the Solar System and the Galaxy.

So, at this time, these two new structures, the Council of Elders and the Earth Keeper Council, are in the process of being formed and individuals being trained to assume their new responsibilities as citizens of the Blue Water Star and co-creators with the Light Beings in the Solar and Galactic Councils that are guiding the formation of the Golden Rose Galaxy and her future role in the Cosmic Evolution of Divine Consciousness through Love and Compassion.

The Council of Elders

This body will be composed of Wise Elders who are invited to join the Council by virtue of their age, wisdom and experience on Planet Earth. These ones will be called by Spirit and will work on the Inner Planes with the Earth Keeper Council and the Higher Councils.

Their role and function will be as a board of advisors, and their wisdom and knowledge will be highly regarded. They will be drawn from all the peoples of the Earth, not just the indigenous races, although the indigenous peoples will have more experience in the ways of honoring the wisdom of the Elders.

Beloved Family of Light, there are many among you who are Elders of the Light, usually beyond the age of 60 years, who have felt the calling to honor yourselves as Elders, as Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and to serve the Earth in this way.

You are the ones who will light the way forward with your wisdom and experience and your many years of service to the Earth, her ascension and transformation, and her new path forward. Here in the Higher Realms, we stand ready to work with you and honor your path forward into the New Earth. [Read more…]

Rejoice! A Day for Hope and Celebration!


I was born on Easter many years ago and so it has always been a very special celebration for me throughout my life.  Raised Catholic, I remember so well the wafting scent of the incense during “high mass” and the jubilation I felt when immersed in the glorious sounds of the choir bursting forth with the joyous Easter songs.

My mother was very devout, as I was too in those days, and Easter Sunday brought out the deeply joyous part of her as she played the “Alleluja” at first light of dawn … and then to mass with our clan … all nine of us Regans.  This ritual, followed by our boisterous Easter brunch and Mom’s lamb cake (for the Lamb of God, of course) holds fond memories for me.

Most of all, though,  it is the symbolism of this special celebration that has been the driving force in my life throughout my adult years.  The resurrection of Christ is such a powerful example of the ETERNAL POSSIBILITY OF ALL THINGS.  Some believe in this as fact and some see the bible stories as wonderful stories that teach us about life, but not necessarily true.  It doesn’t matter to me, really,  for this miracle has impacted my life deeply and has provided me with a belief in HOPE, FAITH and TRUST in the universe that rivals any doubt, fear or hesitation.

I know so many of you have had difficult childhoods, like me too.  What always gave me hope that I could “rise from the ashes” each time I met with a challenge was the remembrance that I was born on the day of eternal hope … the day that shows us that we can all triumph over adversity always and forever.  It is possible as ALL IS POSSIBLE!  I, and you may have too, have had so many “deaths and resurrections” on my journey through life and each and every time I picked myself up and dusted myself off to forge ahead, I knew that I could come back more wise, more grounded and a bit more joyous.

I have not written in my blog for some months now and have realized, as I look back over my life, that since I have left fear behind (about a year and half ago) I no longer feel compelled to take action on anything unless it is guided by my soul and in my highest joy!  It is almost as though I have tested myself to see if I felt I “had” to write often or “should” write often, as many say is important, OR … could I just do it when I really felt the desire deep in my heart?  I love the freedom that fearlessness brings! [Read more…]

Powerful 11-11 Dolphin Retreat!

Our amazing group

What an amazing week we had with our powerful group of participants from many places around the world!  For this very auspicious time, the 11-11 portal celebrated worldwide, we gathered in Kona, Hawaii to be with the dolphins and many Beings of Light ushering in this next year of preparation for the transformation of the energy grid from magnetic to crystalline.  A very exciting time indeed.

I wish to share with you some of the highlights of this fantastic week.

On the first day with the dolphins, they graced us with a “10” experience!  We met our cetacean friends in our favorite bay where we played with 200 to 300 dolphins gently gliding and spiraling around us in all directions for hours.  Each of us had spectacular encounters and we were in bliss from the moment we slipped into the water! At one point, when all of us were together on the surface, as we gazed down into the deep, all of a sudden one of the dolphins created a huge three-tiered bubble ring … it was enormous, spiraling up to us emitting thousands of tiny bubbles in its ascension!  We were all amazed and thrilled beyond belief!

That night, our dear friend and mentor, Joan Ocean, presented her talk on … “Dolphin Bubbles and the Bubble Universes”!  What a perfect synchronicity and obviously created by the dolphins to sync with our evening gift from Joan. [Read more…]