Products & Services

Dolphin, Whale & Mastery Retreats:

Week long spiritual retreats to swim with dolphins in Hawaii, with whales in Tonga and join me for my Mastery Retreats in Hawaii and Mt. Shasta

Soul Readings & Light Activations

Intuitive readings with channeled messages from your Guides and powerful energy Light Activations to clear mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies

Dolphin Meditations

Guided meditations with dolphins and angels to take you into the heart and to merge with your soul

Whale Light Activation

Guided meditation healing journey with the whales wherein they help you to become translucent and transparent, healing mind, body and spirit

Healing the Feminine

Guided meditation to heal the feminine wound of mankind (Golden Vessel Anointing) and a morning meditation to prepare for your day

Sacred Partnership

Guided meditations from my Sacred Partnership Course to heal and complete past relationships and balance masculine/feminine to prepare for your beloved

Sacred Partnership Teleseminar CD Set

A four hour course by teleseminar to prepare for and manifest, on the highest spiritual level, your beloved

Essential Joy Books

Book set Essential Joy:  Finding It, Keeping It, Sharing It by Trish Regan.  How to bring true joy into your life through learning true balance and surrender to the soul

Quantum Manifestation

A powerful, advanced process for manifestation using sacred geometry, balance of masculine/feminine and sacred sound (DVD and CD)

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