Courage of the Japanese

Japanese Retreat Group with Trish
\r\n\r\nI have been so busy with many retreats in the last month and am happy to now have some time for blogging. I wanted to share about the amazing, beautiful Japanese women who came to a special Sacred Partnership and Dolphins Retreat a few weeks ago.\r\n\r\nAs you all know, the devastation in Japan has been so very challenging on so many levels and the collective heart of humanity is glowing with love and compassion for their plight of the courageous Japanese people. We did not know if these women could actually come to our retreat in Hawaii since it began only a week after the event and were so pleased when they all contacted the organizer, Yoko, to tell her that yes, they could make it. \r\n\r\nWe were so impressed by their courage and ability to experience joy in the wake of their week’s experiences. Though all of them were in areas that were not as affected as the north and had not lost any family members or property, they all had dear friends who had faced that devastation. There were some moments of emotion during the retreat, which was so understandable, but for the most part, they shared deeply about their lives and other challenges and were transformed by the energy of love in the group as we all merged with the dolphins.\r\n\r\nWhat really impressed me was what they told us about these friends who had lost everything. These women said that they were very hesitant to come to Hawaii to enjoy something so wonderful while their friends were suffering and told their friends this. Their friends told them this, “Please go and have fun and open to the joy of the dolphins because when you come back you will bring that joy to us and to Japan. We want to move forward, not backward and this will help us too.”\r\n\r\nThis is the spirit with which the Japanese people are facing this crisis. They are showing the world how, with harmony and co-operation, we can, as humanity, face any challenge if we do it together. So inspiring!

Dolphin Wisdom and Message from the Hopi for Humanity

\r\n\r\nDOLPHIN WISDOM FOR THESE TIMES\r\nChanneled by Trish Regan\r\nDear Carriers of Light,\r\nWe are with you in all things and are sending waves of love throughout the sea and into the lands. Along with the whales, we cetaceans are here on this planet to hold the energies of Light in place in order for her and for you to ascend into the higher frequencies being called forth by your co-creation.\r\n\r\nYou may choose to see us as an example of how humanity can come together in cooperation and harmony in these challenging times of deep change for the planetary destiny. You see, we sense the projected future of each moment of the pod and flow in accord with the highest good of all. Our perception is of oneness in which all of the members of our pod are as one dolphin. This is sometimes called “pod mind.”\r\n\r\nWhat we are urging you do in these next years of great change is to focus your intent upon the energy of COOPERATION and HARMONY among all humanity. See and most of all FEEL this group energy often during your day.\r\n\r\nFEEL the beauty of the Japanese people as they come together with loving cooperation to move past their great losses and work together in peaceful ways to rebuild and move forward. There is no looting, violence or greed. They are spiritual warriors showing us all how to manage with love and respect working for the good of the all. Feeling this kind of energy will co-create a world where all peoples will do the same.\r\n\r\nThe earth changes will continue and your focused energy upon the purpose of all of this, the outcome, of a new earth holding peace and love, is the key to your moving through this with grace.\r\n\r\nThese times have been prophesied by all your religions, mystical cultures, indigeneous elders and seers for thousands of years. The time is now and your focus upon love, peace and harmony have lessened the effects greatly and will continue to do so.\r\n\r\nFear not what is more to come. Remember that even death is only a shift into higher fields of energy and Light. We are telling you that the next step for humanity is to accept all the was, all that is and all that will be.\r\n\r\nThis does not mean that you have no power … your power lies in your thoughts and beliefs. Focus your thoughts on love and peace and at the same time, accept what is. In this acceptance is true and sacred surrender to the Light. There is a divine plan in force and all things come together for good.\r\n\r\nWhen you are personally affected by these changes, and your heart is broken in grief of loss, call upon all the Beings of Light who are watching over you and this grand earth transition. They and we will help you to align your emotional body with the Light. This will ease your pain.\r\n\r\nWe are with you so please call upon us to infuse your spirit with our Light. Imagine we are spinning around you creating a beautiful cloak of trust. Trust this change and know that all is in perfect divine order. Namaste.\r\n\r\nNote from Trish: In the video, you will hear the dolphin sonar sound. I believe this particular sound can clear our emotional bodies of emotions such as fear. Listening often to their sonar can help in these challenging times.\r\n Continue reading “Dolphin Wisdom and Message from the Hopi for Humanity”

Dolphin Retreats in Hawaii … life changing!

I would like to invite you to join us for one of our spiritually transformative dolphin-swim retreats in Hawaii! Please see this short four minute introduction which includes dolphin and whale footage and some of the glowing words from our participants.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThis is a week of joyous spiritual expansion with a small group of like-minded souls. We hope to see you with us and the dolphins in paradise!\r\n\r\nPlease see our web site here and opt in on our web site for a free video download with dolphins and whales.\r\ \r\n\r\nLove and Light,\r\nTrish