The Art and Power of Profound Surrender

The Light Prevails

The Light Prevails

The Light Prevails. This is the cornerstone of my belief now. As we encounter the intensities of the polarity of this third dimensional experience of earth as humanity reaches the Omega point of our evolution, we find more and more news of violence, a seeming decent into fascism and control and chaos at every turn. It can be frightening and confusing if we focus our thoughts and energy on these negativities.

What do you choose to focus upon?

The other day I had a profound experience as I was practicing my “being” and sitting by the local river here in Portland. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining on the water. I was fascinated to observe that when a kayak went floating by, each time the person in the boat would place their oar into the water, streams of sparkles of light would dance and radiate from that place as if the person were creating magic!

Sparkles on water is one of my favorite things in the world and always reminds me of beauty and loveliness. Then I “got” this realization from my Higher Self … a few years ago I symbolically jumped into the River of my Soul (I see it as a liquid river of Light) and surrendered to my soul. This experience was so empowering as I saw that I was letting go of ego and choosing to allow my soul to guide me.

In doing this, I was able to let go of fear and to truly trust the universe. And here was another lesson [Read more…]