Mystical Dolphins & HUB

Mystical Dolphins and HUB

Mystical Dolphins and HUB

My husband and I have been working with the wild dolphins for many years and we believe that they are beings of higher consciousness and intelligence that are here to teach us as humanity how we are evolving.  They teach us how to live for the good of the all (like they do in their pods,) communicate telepathically, synchronize the right and left hemispheres of our brains (creating balance,) live in the moment and find the deep joy at the core of being.  They are magical creatures that affect all who are in their presence.

I had a very powerful experience with two dolphins just a few days before making a trip to the mainland where I was going to be doing many presentations about a new paradigm hunanitarian organization we are passionate about Hunanity Unites Brilliance ( HUB .)

I went to our local bay to swim with the dolphins.  I telepathically asked the dolphins to infuse me with some of their wonderful energy that I could share at the meetings energy that could open the hearts of those with whom I would be speaking.

There were about fifty dolphins in the bay that day and they were playful and interactive with the people in the water.  After awhile two dolphins came to me and intentionally began to float along just a bit ahead of me, staying very close in the way they do when we know they are working with us.   [Read more…]