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  1. Dear Jas,\n\nIt is Jan 2 and I just saw this comment from you. I have not been doing much on the blog until yesterday because still working on getting the product links done.\n\nI wouldn;t mind putting a link to you on the blog but I wouldn’t want it to be one of the boxes set up already for my products. I would like to have a link page for things like that. Let’s talk about it.\n\nDoug says that you did an exchange with him for two hours of your time. I would like to use those two hours for you to help me with some details on the site. That would be great. We are busy until Jan. 10th or so. Let’s do that at that time, OK?\n\nMuch love, Trish

  2. Dear Jane,\n\nI just found this notice from you about our dear Janice. Thank you so much for letting us know. She was such a vibrant, inspirational being in our lives. We will miss her too.\n\nMuch love,\nTrish and Doug

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