Insights on Wave X and September 28

Eagle in Flight
Eagle in Flight
Dolphin Radiance
Dolphin Radiance
\r\n\r\nAs most of you know, September 28 of last month was a powerful time for planet earth. Not only were we blessed with huge waves of positive energy gamma rays but also the influence of the Blood Moon and autumnal lunar eclipse. All of this information seemed to coalesce as a sign that planet earth and all its inhabitants received a monumental shift of energy propelling us into the Golden Age!\r\n\r\nWhile many expected to feel a real difference the day after this event, many did not feel what they thought they would and were disappointed. My husband, Doug, and I actually believe that each human will ascend (raise our frequency) in our own way guided and gently moved forward by our souls and Higher Selves. We believe that this will be a gradual ascension, each moving at their own pace.\r\n\r\nI would like to share with you my experience. On the morning of September 28 at 11:11, Doug and I were in meditation. I had put some beautiful meditation music on and we fell into that blissful space within. Continue reading “Insights on Wave X and September 28”

Extraordinary Whale Encounter in Tonga

Mother Whale's Tail
Mother Whale’s Tail
\r\n\r\nMy husband, Doug, and I have been bringing retreat groups to Tonga since 2004 to swim with the amazing humpback whales, the largest beings on the planet with the highest vibrations, we believe, of any living beings. One can imagine the depths of transformation that occurs by being in this divine presence.\r\n\r\nAs you might know if you have been following my posts here, for the last few years, I have been guided to go really deep inside, stop working so much and to take a mini-sabbatical. During this time I have been having profound experiences from Spirit that are teaching me about letting go of ego and attachment and surrendering to my soul and to God.\r\n\r\nDuring our retreat, which ended on August 19th, we experienced the most extraordinary encounter with a mother and baby whale! I have had some really remarkable experiences with them over the years, but this one was completely out of the ordinary for sure. Though I have been practicing letting go, the message from this mother whale took me even deeper. Her message was so clear to me … “Surrender and know that all is well.” Continue reading “Extraordinary Whale Encounter in Tonga”

Dolphins & Whales Forever – Book

Book Dolphins & Whales Forever - cover
Book Dolphins & Whales Forever – cover
Book - Dolphins & Whales Forever - Back Cover
Book – Dolphins & Whales Forever – Back
\r\n\r\n\r\nMy husband, Doug, and I were thrilled to be asked to be presenters at the first ever Cetacean Summit held in Kona, Hawaii March 1-5, 2014. As part of that creation, we were also asked to be contributors to the exciting new book, Dolphins & Whales Forever.\r\n\r\nMany of the presenters at the Cetacean Summit are featured in this book, which is composed of stories from dolphin and whale researchers, communicators and wisdom teachers who have devoted their lives to working with dolphins and whales. These are people who have had profound life changing experiences themselves, such and Doug and I have had, and who have shared this extraordinary cetacean “magic” with others through books, dolphin and whale swims, retreats and workshops.\r\n\r\nAmong all these inspiring stories lies the basic experience of being in the presence of the powerful dolphins and whales, or of a deep energetic connection with them that is unmistakably sublime. \r\n\r\nWe believe that the cetaceans are the most conscious beings on the planet and are here to assist humanity in our expansion into higher dimensional frequencies. They bring us into a very deep connection with the essence of who we really are as spiritual beings in human bodies here on the planet to learn of our own divinity connection with the Source of All That Is.\r\n\r\nEach contributor to this new book has had extraordinary experiences with the dolphins and whales that changed their lives. When we encounter this sublime cetacean energy, our brains are synchronized and balanced, our bodies receive high frequencies that harmonize our organs for healing, our hearts are opened and we reach deep down within to our core where profound joy resides. So many people burst into tears when first encountering the dolphins and whales … their hearts are blown open more deeply than they have ever felt before. It is magic!\r\n\r\nWe have heard many stories of people who have been healed of cancer, chronic depression, severe back pain, etc. by swimming with the dolphins. In this book, you will read some of these heart warming stories and will be inspired just in the energy of the words on the pages. Many have been in telepathic communication with the cetaceans and have received deeply profound messages that enhanced their lives. What a joy to read these inspiring words shared by some in the book!\r\n\r\nIn this book all of us co-authors were asked to share how we were originally drawn to work with the dolphins and whales. It is a fascinating journey of discovery to see how each of us was uniquely “called” to this work. Some had such profound callings that we left behind our “normal” world to “jump off the cliff” and dive into the unknown with only our love and devotion to our spiritual paths and to the dolphins and whales. Little did we know how that leap of faith would lead to deeply fulfilling lives full of dramatic spiritual growth, amazing adventures, gatherings of beautiful souls from all over the world and huge waves of fun and laughter too!\r\n\r\nWe co-authors were also asked to share how our work with the cetaceans affected our lives. For my part, I know for sure that if we had not followed that “divine white lightning bolt” that called us to work with the dolphins and whales twenty years ago, I believe I would have had to live at least two more lifetimes to achieve the spiritual place I am in now! I was what you might call a control freak, type A, driven perfectionist with many fears to boot. That dramatic calling drew me into a world where I could learn how to go with the flow, let go of fear, move into deep trust of the universe and just let go. It completely changed my life on the deepest level.\r\n\r\nTo read many of the other co-authors’ stories is to be transported into that magic that envelopes one in the presence of dolphins and whales. Many have had life changing experiences too and it is so fascinating to delve into their worlds.\r\n\r\nWe also were asked to explain our work with the cetaceans and how that work has affected not only our lives but our clients’ lives as well. You will read about stories of healing that will touch you; stories of lives being positively changed for the better; stories of profound communication with dolphins and whales and stories of surrender to the soul that inspire you.\r\n\r\nI encourage you to read this fascinating book. Let it inspire you with so many beautiful stories that will capture your heart! You will be able to read about my husband and my extraordinary “calling” involving a bolt of white lightening … and many more fascinating tales of how the dolphins and whales change lives.\r\n\r\nYou can order on this web site: and receive free gifts for a time. Or you can order on Enjoy!