Powerful 11-11 Dolphin Retreat!

Our amazing group

What an amazing week we had with our powerful group of participants from many places around the world!  For this very auspicious time, the 11-11 portal celebrated worldwide, we gathered in Kona, Hawaii to be with the dolphins and many Beings of Light ushering in this next year of preparation for the transformation of the energy grid from magnetic to crystalline.  A very exciting time indeed.

I wish to share with you some of the highlights of this fantastic week.

On the first day with the dolphins, they graced us with a “10” experience!  We met our cetacean friends in our favorite bay where we played with 200 to 300 dolphins gently gliding and spiraling around us in all directions for hours.  Each of us had spectacular encounters and we were in bliss from the moment we slipped into the water! At one point, when all of us were together on the surface, as we gazed down into the deep, all of a sudden one of the dolphins created a huge three-tiered bubble ring … it was enormous, spiraling up to us emitting thousands of tiny bubbles in its ascension!  We were all amazed and thrilled beyond belief!

That night, our dear friend and mentor, Joan Ocean, presented her talk on … “Dolphin Bubbles and the Bubble Universes”!  What a perfect synchronicity and obviously created by the dolphins to sync with our evening gift from Joan. [Read more…]

From Fear Into Love

On this sad day of September 11th, as we remember those whose lives were taken in the horrific 9/11 attacks and the impact of fear that arose from this insane moment of time, I wish to share with you my personal experience of losing fear and coming into love.  The fear that was generated by this inhumane act moved many to abandon the hope that it is possible to ever live in total trust.  I am here to tell you, it is.

It has been some months since I was guided to write in this blog.  My husband, Doug, and I have been taking some time out from our hectic life in Hawaii with the dolphin work to live in Portland, Oregon from June through October.

This blessed time away from our spiritual work (although I have facilitated Shasta Retreats during this time) is a precious time for us to have quality time with our children and grandchildren on the West Coast and to delve deeply into our inner lives to find the deepest peace within the beautiful nature of the trees and rivers here in what I call God’s Country.

Much of the time so far has been involved in family interactions, not only with our children, but also with my siblings,  which has been monumental and transformative for all.  I come from a big Irish, Catholic family of seven children … a lot of love and also a lot of dysfunction.  In returning to the deeper issues of this family connection, I have realized something very powerful and enlightening.  I am at a place in my life in which I feel total trust and am FREE OF FEAR!

This is just huge for me!  When Doug and I jumped off the cliff almost eighteen years ago, after we actually moved to Hawaii to do the dolphin work, all my fear came to the surface.  I realized that I had fear about everything.  Not only how we would be able to pay our mortgage on our new home there, but just about all aspects of being here on this planet! [Read more…]

Metatron Channel: The Sacred Cetacean – Re-emergence of the Golden Dolphin Energy

This is amazing channeled information from Archangel Metatron channeled by James Tyberonn.  Join us and the dolphins for our special 11-11-11 Dolphin\Spirit Retreat November 6-12, 2011.

Archangel Metatron Channel via James Tyberonn
The Sacred Cetacean – Re-Emergence of the Golden Dolphin Energy

Masters,  the Dolphin & Whale are incredible Beings that bring tremendous Crystalline Light to the Planet
These Cetaceans are highly evolved intelligent beings from Sirius B who are on the Earth to assist mankind in exquisite ways and resonance well beyond your current knowledge and imagination. These beautiful beings perform myriad roles, among the most important of which is anchoring the Light of the ocean waters that cover over two thirds of your planet.

They interact directly with both the living essence of Planet Earth and the overlight mass consciousness of humanity.  The consciousness of the Sacred Cetacean has an ancient and timeless lineage. They are here re-emerging in the past  five decades s to carry an essential phi-crystalline frequency that is specifically designed to up-shift energies,and transform harmonics in order to allow requisite dimensional expansion of the polarity earth into the Crystalline Field of Zero-Point  Omni-Earth.
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Dolphin Wisdom and Message from the Hopi for Humanity

Channeled by Trish Regan
Dear Carriers of Light,
We are with you in all things and are sending waves of love throughout the sea and into the lands. Along with the whales, we cetaceans are here on this planet to hold the energies of Light in place in order for her and for you to ascend into the higher frequencies being called forth by your co-creation.

You may choose to see us as an example of how humanity can come together in cooperation and harmony in these challenging times of deep change for the planetary destiny. You see, we sense the projected future of each moment of the pod and flow in accord with the highest good of all. Our perception is of oneness in which all of the members of our pod are as one dolphin. This is sometimes called “pod mind.”

What we are urging you do in these next years of great change is to focus your intent upon the energy of COOPERATION and HARMONY among all humanity. See and most of all FEEL this group energy often during your day.

FEEL the beauty of the Japanese people as they come together with loving cooperation to move past their great losses and work together in peaceful ways to rebuild and move forward. There is no looting, violence or greed. They are spiritual warriors showing us all how to manage with love and respect working for the good of the all. Feeling this kind of energy will co-create a world where all peoples will do the same.

The earth changes will continue and your focused energy upon the purpose of all of this, the outcome, of a new earth holding peace and love, is the key to your moving through this with grace.

These times have been prophesied by all your religions, mystical cultures, indigeneous elders and seers for thousands of years. The time is now and your focus upon love, peace and harmony have lessened the effects greatly and will continue to do so.

Fear not what is more to come. Remember that even death is only a shift into higher fields of energy and Light. We are telling you that the next step for humanity is to accept all the was, all that is and all that will be.

This does not mean that you have no power … your power lies in your thoughts and beliefs. Focus your thoughts on love and peace and at the same time, accept what is. In this acceptance is true and sacred surrender to the Light. There is a divine plan in force and all things come together for good.

When you are personally affected by these changes, and your heart is broken in grief of loss, call upon all the Beings of Light who are watching over you and this grand earth transition. They and we will help you to align your emotional body with the Light. This will ease your pain.

We are with you so please call upon us to infuse your spirit with our Light. Imagine we are spinning around you creating a beautiful cloak of trust. Trust this change and know that all is in perfect divine order. Namaste.

Note from Trish: In the video, you will hear the dolphin sonar sound. I believe this particular sound can clear our emotional bodies of emotions such as fear. Listening often to their sonar can help in these challenging times.
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Dolphin Retreats in Hawaii … life changing!

I would like to invite you to join us for one of our spiritually transformative dolphin-swim retreats in Hawaii! Please see this short four minute introduction which includes dolphin and whale footage and some of the glowing words from our participants.

This is a week of joyous spiritual expansion with a small group of like-minded souls. We hope to see you with us and the dolphins in paradise!

Please see our web site here and opt in on our web site for a free video download with dolphins and whales.

Love and Light,

Whale Bubbles

Whale Bubbles!

In September of last year, 2010, we took several groups to the Kingdom of Tonga for our spiritual retreats to swim with the humpback whales. We have done this for seven years now and have had the most amazing experiences with these Masters of the Sea.

The whales imbue us with their deep wisdom and grace as we float ever so gently near them. It is surprising to me how close they allow us to be … and especially to their precious calves. We believe that the whales carry the codes of energy that support the planet and that they hold within their giant fields the Akashik Records (energetic knowledge about all of creation.)

They teach us that they are dreaming the dream of what we see as reality before us. They are fully conscious and awake beings. Being in their presence ignites within us that knowledge too and they help us to become who we really are as spiritual beings in human bodies.

On our last trip, I had the most extraordinary experience of all time. We had witnessed a whale “heat run.” This is the term for many males pursuing a female for mating. It is one of the most exciting events on this planet to witness! The power is just overwhelming as they surge forward, trumpeting and sounding with the thrill of the chase.

We spotted at least five and maybe six males chasing a female with a calf and an escort as well. This went on for about two hours and we were right in the middle of the melee! When the chase was over and they all calmed down, we had an opportunity to get in with them because they were now swimming slowly.

On my second time in, I looked only about twenty feet ahead of me and to the side to see that one of the whales was blowing thousands of bubbles from its blow hole. My first inclination was to swim right over to the stream of bubbles to be right in the magical effervescence! A few moments later, I could hear the captain shouting at me, “Trish, look down, look down!”

When I looked below me, there was a huge whale only about ten feet below me. Suddenly it too began to spew out thousands of bubbles right into my body! It was the most exhilarating experience of my life! I felt as though I went right into an altered state of being and could feel the tingling as the bubbles exploded on my skin.

All I could think was that I was being bathed in whale breath … a bubble bath from the largest living beings on the planet! This particular whale swam forward from underneath me and when it got about twenty feet ahead, turned and looked right into my eyes. I though it was going to turn around and come back to me! But it just stared into my soul, turned forward again and went on its way.

The message I received telepathically was that he was helping me to become crystal clear. Also, the main message from the whales for 2010 was to “Allow the unfolding.” Isn’t that beautiful?

After returning home, I felt as though all of my senses were enhanced one hundred fold. To this day, colors are more intense for me and I really do feel as though I am clearer than I have ever been in this lifetime.

I am so grateful to the whales for this extraordinary experience.

*The extraordinary photo was taken by one of our participants in the retreat, Debi Billett … thanks Debi!

Message from the Dolphins – Live Outside the Box

Yesterday, January 1, first day of this high energy year, I posted My Perfect Day on this blog.  It was so much fun to just let myself “Be” and share my experiences with whomever wants to share this amazing earthly journey with a fellow traveler on the path of Light.

The intention of this blog is not so much to teach you anything, really,  but to share my journey and experiences, some of them extraordinary in themselves (being that my husband and I jumped off the cliff and totally followed our hearts to this life in Hawaii.)  I believe that when we can be authentic and share our inspirations, foibles, loves, inner questions and joys, it helps us as a collective to learn from eachother and expand into the acceptance of the glorious dance of life together with grace.  So I am going to just be real and just follow my guidance to take this where it wants to go (“go with the flow,” as the dolphins teach us!)

The message the dolphins gave to me while we were swimming gloriously with them was this …  “Live outside the box”  Often when we are gliding gently with these beings of higher consciousness, they will give us clear, unmistable messages that just infuse our minds with simple words … words that teach.  At first I really didn’t know exactly what they meant as one could take that directive in many different ways. [Read more…]

2010 – Day One … My Perfect Day

Love is All There Is

Love is All There Is

Bubbles and Orbs

Bubbles and Orbs

Amazing Light at Honaunau

Amazing Light at Honaunau

Aloha and Many Blessings for a Wondrous New Year!

It is now 2010 and doesn’t the energy feel so Light?  After the density of 2009, I can literally feel a higher vibration within my body as we gently flow into the next decade, hearts open and willing to receive.  It is a powerful day as we welcome the new year celebrating a Blue Mo0n and Lunar Eclipse with the fire of expansion and radiance dancing in our hearts!  I appreciate all the blessings that are shining down upon us and wish you the very best of brilliance in this new year.

For me,  this last twenty four hours is the perfect day.  As I was experiencing wave after wave of joy today I looked at each delicous experience and moment and said to myself, “If I were to design the perfect moment, the perfect experience, would this be it?”  YES, I replied with great gusto over and over again!  I peered into my past and could see the many moments that were challenging, sorrowful, confusing, fearful and such and realized that this special day had none of that … it only held pure joy from beginning to end (it is now 11pm)  This realization showed me that all the hard work I had done on my wounded psyche and emotional body over the many years of spiritual search were really paying off for me today.  It also confirmed what I have known for a long time … jumping off the cliff and following our hearts was the exact right move for my husband, Doug, and I.  It has transformed my life completely!

I consider the beginning of this perfect day midnight of last night … the moment time clicked into the next decade.  What could be more perfect than celebrating the transformation with a few very precious  friends … dancing and laughing and watching the big ball fall in New York!  Perfection!  This explosion of joy followed by quiet time of delicious love-making with my wonderful husband … snuggling cozily into a comfortable sleep together … to a dawn awakening with a calling to go to swim with the dolphins! [Read more…]

Dolphins and the Purple Ray of Compassion

Dolphins & the Purple Ray of Compassion

Dolphins & the Purple Ray of Compassion

I want to share with you the incredible happening that occurred some years ago after one of our life changing dolphin retreats.  During our retreat we were guided to bring in a new high frequency energy of pure compassion.  The retreat ended on Saturday and the next day, Sunday, I was awakened at 7:00am with an irresistible message to find the dolphins!  We live close to several bays where the dolphins often play.

After checking the first bay and finding no dolphins there,  since I knew that they were calling me,  I quickly went to the next bay where I found seventy eight dolphins circling quietly!  I slipped into the water and was thrilled that I was the only one there.   After a few moments, I suddenly got the message that they were there to help me to spread the purple ray of compassion to the world energetically and they would help me to do this.

I first was guided to bring this energy to the Middle East.  I “saw” a Jew and a Palestinian hugging each other, truly in forgiveness and compassion … and I felt this opening to love and compassion  in my whole being.  It felt so real.  Then, I traveled in my heart to all the places on the planet that were experiencing war and strife.  I could see so many people who had been in conflict doing the same … hugging and feeling the love, forgiveness and compassion.  It was phenomenal.

Soon, an amazing thing happened … the water turned bright purple!  I thought it was just the way the sun was shining or something because it was so phenomenal.   I pulled my head out of the water to just see if it still stayed the same, and sure enough, when I looked back into the deep, the water was bright purple!   [Read more…]

Mystical Dolphins & HUB

Mystical Dolphins and HUB

Mystical Dolphins and HUB

My husband and I have been working with the wild dolphins for many years and we believe that they are beings of higher consciousness and intelligence that are here to teach us as humanity how we are evolving.  They teach us how to live for the good of the all (like they do in their pods,) communicate telepathically, synchronize the right and left hemispheres of our brains (creating balance,) live in the moment and find the deep joy at the core of being.  They are magical creatures that affect all who are in their presence.

I had a very powerful experience with two dolphins just a few days before making a trip to the mainland where I was going to be doing many presentations about a new paradigm hunanitarian organization we are passionate about Hunanity Unites Brilliance ( HUB .)

I went to our local bay to swim with the dolphins.  I telepathically asked the dolphins to infuse me with some of their wonderful energy that I could share at the meetings energy that could open the hearts of those with whom I would be speaking.

There were about fifty dolphins in the bay that day and they were playful and interactive with the people in the water.  After awhile two dolphins came to me and intentionally began to float along just a bit ahead of me, staying very close in the way they do when we know they are working with us.   [Read more…]