Proof! We are not alone (Archangel Michael’s Spirit)

Archangel Michael's Spirit Photo
The Spirit of Archangel Michael at Lake Louise
\r\n\r\nAloha and Wondrous Blessings for 2011!\r\n\r\nI wish you a year filled with the luminescent energy of universal expansion for 2011! As you can see, I have not written in this blog for about a year. I was waiting to emerge from my inner time of contemplation and to complete all of my new web sites (you can see the links to the left.)\r\n\r\nMy gift to you is this amazing video story of the photographic phenomena that Archangel Michael gifted to us years ago. The video says it all and shows the fascinating progression of this spirit coming into form … please enjoy and know that we are not alone. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n2010 was a year of introspection, change and expansion for me as my guidance was so clear to take some time for myself in nature and so was guided for us to move to the Portland, Oregon area for five months. We left our island home June 1st and returned October 29th. Continue reading “Proof! We are not alone (Archangel Michael’s Spirit)”