Shasta Mastery Retreat Magic!

Huge Pleiadian Ship, larger than Mt. Shasta, that showed up on our last full day!

Huge Pleiadian Ship, larger than Mt. Shasta, that showed up on our last full day!

Shasta ship clouds that showed up later that day

Shasta ship clouds that showed up later that day

I want to share with you the extraordinary magic that occurred during my Shasta Mastery Retreat from October 12-17, 2015 … just last week. I usually don’t post things about my retreats, but this particular one was amazing in its transformations, physical and emotional healings, spiritual expansion and visible clear signs of visitations from our benevolent ET friends (specifically the Pleiadians!)

In June of this year, I had a powerful meditation experience being invited, with my Shasta group, into Telos, the Lemurian city within Mt. Shasta. Please see that story in my post from July 2 entitled, “Invitation Into Lemurian Telos.”

I knew that we would be invited with the group during the actual retreat to complete the task we were invited to be a part of to help the world and humanity release resistance to the great changes coming with the Golden Age. It was a magical and powerful experience for all of us and we felt the energy completely. Beautiful.

One of my participants came to the retreat with plans to exit this reality if she did not receive a huge transformation during this retreat. Her life had become unbearable and she had many physical challenges and just had had enough. Interestingly, I just knew she would find that healing, so I was not concerned … I just trusted in the magic of the energy, the mountain, the group and our Beings of Light who were with us the whole time. I could not have planned such a powerful transformation for her! I will get to that.

Our first day’s excursion was to the sacred mountain. Mt. Shasta is my second spiritual home and I so love the energy there. I have been visiting Shasta every year for probably 45 years and each time I see something unusual, magical and amazing! [Read more…]

Rejoice! A Day for Hope and Celebration!


I was born on Easter many years ago and so it has always been a very special celebration for me throughout my life.  Raised Catholic, I remember so well the wafting scent of the incense during “high mass” and the jubilation I felt when immersed in the glorious sounds of the choir bursting forth with the joyous Easter songs.

My mother was very devout, as I was too in those days, and Easter Sunday brought out the deeply joyous part of her as she played the “Alleluja” at first light of dawn … and then to mass with our clan … all nine of us Regans.  This ritual, followed by our boisterous Easter brunch and Mom’s lamb cake (for the Lamb of God, of course) holds fond memories for me.

Most of all, though,  it is the symbolism of this special celebration that has been the driving force in my life throughout my adult years.  The resurrection of Christ is such a powerful example of the ETERNAL POSSIBILITY OF ALL THINGS.  Some believe in this as fact and some see the bible stories as wonderful stories that teach us about life, but not necessarily true.  It doesn’t matter to me, really,  for this miracle has impacted my life deeply and has provided me with a belief in HOPE, FAITH and TRUST in the universe that rivals any doubt, fear or hesitation.

I know so many of you have had difficult childhoods, like me too.  What always gave me hope that I could “rise from the ashes” each time I met with a challenge was the remembrance that I was born on the day of eternal hope … the day that shows us that we can all triumph over adversity always and forever.  It is possible as ALL IS POSSIBLE!  I, and you may have too, have had so many “deaths and resurrections” on my journey through life and each and every time I picked myself up and dusted myself off to forge ahead, I knew that I could come back more wise, more grounded and a bit more joyous.

I have not written in my blog for some months now and have realized, as I look back over my life, that since I have left fear behind (about a year and half ago) I no longer feel compelled to take action on anything unless it is guided by my soul and in my highest joy!  It is almost as though I have tested myself to see if I felt I “had” to write often or “should” write often, as many say is important, OR … could I just do it when I really felt the desire deep in my heart?  I love the freedom that fearlessness brings! [Read more…]

Proof! We are not alone (Archangel Michael’s Spirit)

Archangel Michael's Spirit Photo

The Spirit of Archangel Michael at Lake Louise

Aloha and Wondrous Blessings for 2011!

I wish you a year filled with the luminescent energy of universal expansion for 2011! As you can see, I have not written in this blog for about a year. I was waiting to emerge from my inner time of contemplation and to complete all of my new web sites (you can see the links to the left.)

My gift to you is this amazing video story of the photographic phenomena that Archangel Michael gifted to us years ago. The video says it all and shows the fascinating progression of this spirit coming into form … please enjoy and know that we are not alone.

2010 was a year of introspection, change and expansion for me as my guidance was so clear to take some time for myself in nature and so was guided for us to move to the Portland, Oregon area for five months. We left our island home June 1st and returned October 29th. [Read more…]