Hearing Truth From Spirit

Two nights ago we enjoyed our dear friend Joan Ocean’s meditation evening.  I always have such amazing meditations with her group, which is wonderful because we sit outside on her land around a fire and focus our communications on the higher realms and beings of Light from Ascended Masters, to Angels to benevolent ETs who radiate only with love.  Being out in nature, under the stars, is such a beautiful way to connect.\r\n\r\nThis particular meditation took me to a space where I was surrounded by Light Beings could not recognize which ones they presented themselves as luminecent pulsating lights very beautiful and gentle. \r\n\r\nI felt I was melting into the oneness in an exquisite surrender to Spirit and then heard these words:\r\nYou are a singularity of universal thought\r\nYou are a projection of Source consciousness\r\nYou are Source incarnate\r\n\r\nI have heard these kinds of things before from spiritual teachers and in books, etc. but this time, I felt that I really got it.  I could sense the truth of these words that are meant not just for me but for all.  I truly felt myself moving into the oneness of All That Is in a way I have not been able to feel before.  It was pure bliss.\r\n\r\nMy husband, Doug, and I are Phase Two Players we are practicing the principles, lately,  from Robert Scheinfeld’s book, Breaking Loose from the Money Game    a philosphy that is much more than about money but about the fact that we are extensions from the Divine and that we really do create our reality.\r\n\r\nThrough over forty years of spiritual search and seeking the highest truth, I believe I have finally come to the realization and knowing that all of us truly are extensions of the Source of consciousness and have the power, when we really get that, to express the reality that we desire.  At least I am focusing on this more and more in my exploration of life and its meaning.\r\n\r\n


Symbol:  A Projection of Source Consciousness

Symbol: A Projection of Source Consciousness



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