Dolphins and the Purple Ray of Compassion

Dolphins & the Purple Ray of Compassion

Dolphins & the Purple Ray of Compassion

\r\n\r\nI want to share with you the incredible happening that occurred some years ago after one of our life changing dolphin retreats.  During our retreat we were guided to bring in a new high frequency energy of pure compassion.  The retreat ended on Saturday and the next day, Sunday, I was awakened at 7:00am with an irresistible message to find the dolphins!  We live close to several bays where the dolphins often play.\r\n\r\nAfter checking the first bay and finding no dolphins there,  since I knew that they were calling me,  I quickly went to the next bay where I found seventy eight dolphins circling quietly!  I slipped into the water and was thrilled that I was the only one there.   After a few moments, I suddenly got the message that they were there to help me to spread the purple ray of compassion to the world energetically and they would help me to do this.\r\n\r\nI first was guided to bring this energy to the Middle East.  I “saw” a Jew and a Palestinian hugging each other, truly in forgiveness and compassion … and I felt this opening to love and compassion  in my whole being.  It felt so real.  Then, I traveled in my heart to all the places on the planet that were experiencing war and strife.  I could see so many people who had been in conflict doing the same … hugging and feeling the love, forgiveness and compassion.  It was phenomenal.\r\n\r\nSoon, an amazing thing happened … the water turned bright purple!  I thought it was just the way the sun was shining or something because it was so phenomenal.   I pulled my head out of the water to just see if it still stayed the same, and sure enough, when I looked back into the deep, the water was bright purple!   \r\n\r\nI spent an hour and a half alone with the dolphins  in a state of pure Love.  As I swam,  I felt the dolphins joining their hearts to mine as we proceeded to channel the purple ray of compassion to all areas of the world in strife.  I could feel the hearts of those in conflict opening to this sublime compassion, to this understanding and Love as they hugged each other.  It was bliss!  I was in a state of pure Love or Agape, as they call it.\r\nSuddenly, after being this way with the dolphins for what seemed to be eternity, I looked up and encountered an angry local in a kayak next to me.  She was shouting and cursing at me and commanding me to leave the dolphins alone!  I opened my heart to her and shared that I truly felt I was not harassing the dolphins in any way and wished them no harm.  Her shouting and swearing continued.  I told her of my intention to experience the healing of these gentle creatures and that they came to me and swam under me and all around me . . . I hardly swam at all.  She did not want to hear any of this.  In a gentle manner and being careful not to confront or defend, I explained that I believe the dolphins are here to heal the world (as is well known world-wide).  She couldn’t take it in or really hear me, and left.  Her rage just went right through me because I was in such a state of pure love.\r\n\r\nWhen I glanced back to where the dolphins were swimming with me, I could see that they went to the far end of the bay and knew we had finished what we were there for.\r\nAs I turned to make my way back to shore, I saw her husband waiting for me on the lava.  I emerged from the water with love in my heart.  He, too, was agitated and began to curse me with much of the same energy.  As I stood there and listened to him without resistance (my state of pure Love intact), I could see in his eyes his genuine concern.  I felt as though I could see into his soul and thought to myself, I really like him as a brother, a fellow traveler on this sometime rocky path of life.\r\n\r\nAgain, as I maintained eye-contact with him, I gently explained my deep belief in the dolphin’s healing powers and my earnest intention never to harm them.  As my message began to sink in (or maybe it was simply the purple ray), he began to soften.  Since I was in such a vulnerable and exquisitely spiritual space, I began to cry.  I could see what a perfect metaphor this was for the strife between warring factions all over the world — two different belief systems held within the hearts of human beings innately the same.\r\n\r\nAs I melted into this understanding, his demeanor completely changed and he said to me, I can tell that you are a good person, and I shouldn’t talk to anyone like that.  I’m sorry.  I told him I was sorry to have caused him and his wife any upset and that I would be more conscious of the way I swam with the dolphins in the future (maybe spend less time, or stay in one place, etc.)\r\n\r\nI asked him if he thought I was trying to chase the dolphins?  He said, “Yes, when you dive down it looks like you are trying to catch their tails.”  I replied that this is how we play with them.  Then he said that when they blow out of the top of their heads, it looks like they are angry.  I explained that this is how they breathe.  They just did not understand.\r\n\r\nHis wife came back out saying, I have the phone number of the National Marine Fisheries . . . and the husband said, No, she is a good person.  We continued to talk, were able to dialogue openly,  and they both continued to soften and open.  We came to a middle ground . . . they understood me and I understood them.  As I prepared to leave, he said to me, They’re still out there, go ahead, be with them. I told them I needed to go and we hugged.\r\n\r\nI felt that our hearts had connected in brotherly love and we were immersed in the wondrous purple ray of compassion!  The dolphins knew what they were doing!  I felt a beautiful healing had occured throughout the planet that wondrous day.

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  1. Kelley says:

    Just like the Palestinian and the Jewish people that you envisioned hugging, you too hugged and softened the barrier of fear with those two people on the shore… I believe it’s fear that’s underneath the hatred, anger that drives us apart from one another instead of loving each other and living in harmony with ALL of Life on this planet. Good for you (and for the couple) for staying in your heart – that’s what the great teachers have done!!!!\nIf only we could stay in our hearts more often and less defensive with others… I’m inspired, thank you!\n\nKelley

  2. 23. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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