Hugged by a Whale Calf!

Trish nearly hugged by this amazing baby whale

Trish nearly hugged by this amazing baby whale

Baby whale coming to me

Baby whale coming to me

We just returned from our amazing Whales of Moorea Retreats and are floating in a bubble of bliss still!  See below the story of this extraordinary photo of me being practically hugged by this baby humpback whale  … photo clips taken by Liz Adams on her GoPro.

We took two groups for the first time to the magical isle of Moorea (near Tahiti) which is said to be the umbilical cord of the planet (by Drunvalo Melchizedeck, esteemed spiritual teacher).  Our good friend, Max, lived there and worked on the boats for some years.  He was a beautiful and generous help in answering all of our questions.

One of my greatest dreams has been to travel to Tahiti and Moorea and the mystical beauty of Moorea did not disappoint!  The frosting on the cake is that the Southern Humpback Whales migrate to this special place to give birth and mate … therefore we can swim with them in their deep blue ocean home and float in their immense energy and song!

The first week, we had some beautiful experiences with the whales … the best day being that we floated with a mom and calf for about an hour … the calf coming up to look into our eyes often!  Then, after that amazing encounter, we floated just 30 feet above a singer for over an hour … feeling that powerful song in every cell of our bodies expanded our spirits immensely!  We had a sonic bath that we are sure raised our frequencies tremendously on every level!  The theme for that week and message from the whales was:  “Do not be afraid to go deeper!”

As we would view the magical island from our boat, we would see so many pyramid shaped mountains everywhere.  It was not surprising that the whales channeled information to us that indeed there are inverted crystalline pyramids under those mountains that lead down into the center of the earth through ley lines that lead back up to the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Since we believe that the King’s Chamber is an ascension chamber and that sound frequencies were used to build the Great Pyramid, the whales used my voice to tone the initiation sequence while we balanced the masculine and feminine aspects of us and all of creation in this powerful cleansing.  We did the same initiation in the second week as well, allowing the energy to flow out to the planet and to all beings.

The theme for Week Two participants was that this retreat was a rebirth for all … so appropriate since we were placed at the umbilical cord of the planet!\r\n\r\nDuring both retreats, our friend Max brought us as a group to the sacred “marae’s” or ancient temples to commune with the earth and travel down the umbilical cord into the “fire of purification” at the center of the earth … another profound cleansing.  For the second week, our participant, Maria, a shaman, channeled the ancestors of the temple to bring forth healing and soul connecting … beautiful.

So here is the story of the amazing photo above:

During Week Two, we had some days of high winds, so most of the group agreed to opt for an optional last day on the boat.  The weather was just perfect and a window of calm and sun provided the most beautiful encounter ever!

We floated above a mom and calf for an hour and half!  The baby spent much time on the surface with us dancing and playing and coming to each person looking into their eyes.  That is one of the most magical experiences on this planet we believe!

I remember asking the baby if it would come close to me and immediately I just felt like a magnet was bringing him closer.  When we are with a mom and calf, we don’t swim toward the calf … we just float softly, or the mom would take the baby and leave us.  Suddenly I could see the baby moving directly toward my face!  Instead of dipping under, it actually turned to its side and faced its heart at my heart … it almost brushed my body as it slid past me in breathtaking closeness!!!  I couldn’t believe it!!

As the baby slid by me “hugging” me (it was only inches away from my body), it lifted its large fin over me so as not to hit me with it.  It did feel like a hug of the most immense and beautiful, loving blessing!

The next day, in meditation, I asked the baby whale what the message was, as we always receive simple but powerful messages each time we are with the whales.

The message was:   “Be awake in the dream!”

That was so profound for me as I have been having experiences of being the observer of life and the complexity of it all without emotional reactions, being in my centerpoint … just witnessing it all as a movie or a dream.

I see that, when we move out of the “old matrix” of the collective subconscious of humanity … the density of negativity and separation … we move into the Light of All Possibility … the expansion.

I have been practicing moving into the higher dimensions and can feel the energy of fifth dimensional living there.  For many years I have been allowing myself to ascend into the higher frequencies as often as I can energetically.  But now, I am being guided to bring my physical body, ego and personality first into that higher frequency and then, in an awake state, coming “back down” into the “old matrix” with the knowledge that this all is really an illusion co-created by our souls for our enlightenment.

That truth, for me, is liberating and helps me to stay in a state of joy no matter what is transpiring around me and in the world.  I know deep within that the Light Prevails.  I trust this and I am so grateful to the whales and dolphins for assisting in my quest for the highest Truth.

Being awake in the dream is being truly conscious of the purpose of this third dimensional creation whose existence, with the polarities of dark and light,  is to lead us back into oneness … our knowing that we are one with Source.

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear whale friend.  I will never forget this extraordinary gift!

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  1. jan Salerno says:

    Oh Trish! Thank you for sharing your stories and gifts. This is a beautiful message from the baby.

  2. Holly Wadden says:

    An amazing experience of the Heart 🙂

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