Message from the Dolphins – Live Outside the Box

Yesterday, January 1, first day of this high energy year, I posted My Perfect Day on this blog.  It was so much fun to just let myself “Be” and share my experiences with whomever wants to share this amazing earthly journey with a fellow traveler on the path of Light.\n\nThe intention of this blog is not so much to teach you anything, really,  but to share my journey and experiences, some of them extraordinary in themselves (being that my husband and I jumped off the cliff and totally followed our hearts to this life in Hawaii.)  I believe that when we can be authentic and share our inspirations, foibles, loves, inner questions and joys, it helps us as a collective to learn from eachother and expand into the acceptance of the glorious dance of life together with grace.  So I am going to just be real and just follow my guidance to take this where it wants to go (“go with the flow,” as the dolphins teach us!)\n\nThe message the dolphins gave to me while we were swimming gloriously with them was this …  “Live outside the box”  Often when we are gliding gently with these beings of higher consciousness, they will give us clear, unmistable messages that just infuse our minds with simple words … words that teach.  At first I really didn’t know exactly what they meant as one could take that directive in many different ways.\n\nWhen I allowed myself to take the day off yesterday and experience my perfect day, their message seeped into my heart and now I know what they mean.  They are speaking to the part of me that has been holding back my true nature in some ways.   Yes, I have moved through much clearing of inner doubts and fears to come to the place where I feel comfortable “being seen” as in our work in the world.   But I also realized yesterday that there are so many creative thoughts that stream through my mind that would be wonderful to express, but I have noticed that I constantly judge them or ignore them, thinking that they are too much, too hard to manifest, too different or any number of excuses, and let them go.\n\nThe dolphins, in effect, were giving me “permission” to just go for it … let the creativity come in and move forward with some of these ideas no matter how I think people will respond!  Living out of the box, to me, means doing something unique, creative, different from anything else that is in total expansion, not limited by walls of judgement.  Living out of the box takes courage and I see that courage, in this context,  is only limited by my perception of what people may think .\n\nAfter all, if, as I believe, we are each individual expressions of the Divine having unique experience through our ego/personality, then creative ideas have to be coming from that Souce that is at the Source of All That Is.  It is a flow of energy uniquely channeled by each person from the Divine inner Self tempered by individual perception to be expressed out into the world. \n\nIf a box limits the contents, then our limiting thoughts are just like that box.  If we are in contraction, we are in the box.  Expansion has no limits and that is how we truly live in the Light of All Possibility.\n\nHurrah!  Let’s all live “out of the box” and allow ourselves to be real, authentic and not afraid to express our passions and joys because if we each accept who we really are, the world will be a much better place.

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  1. Lee Hefner says:

    Aloha Trish, I would like to thank you for the wonderful Christmas party. Isn’t it wonderful how the dolphin presents us with new ideas and thoughts. When I first started playing with dolphins, back in the mid sixties, I never did put it together where those “out of the box” thoughts and ideas came from. It wasn’t until the mid 70’s in Hanalei Bay, where I would tow my kids, on their boogie boards, in the pod that played in that bay, that I realized, unless one takes the time to relax and let go of land thoughts( swimming , breathing, paying bills, neighbors dog barking all night) does any of those dolphin suttle suggestions seep in. When hanging with the very large pods of spinners and spotties in the deep, here and on Kauai, it seems there thoughts are a little different, but their loving vibrations are the same. I guess what I mean is that the inshore dolphins seem more relaxed and easer to warm up to human presence in with them. I guess when something that could eat you is swimming below you just out of sight changes you ability to relax! Go figure ? Maby I am just babbling, guess what I want to say, what is thinking out if the box? Is it just enlarging the paramaters of the box one is living in or having the compassion to see not everyone is walking in the shoes you are. Taking a strep to get out of your box takes courage, sometimes walking away from friends and family,( ,them living in their box requires you to stay in your box.) AHHH! But the freedom is worth it. Get out! Get out of that box and feel the love, Love Lee

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