Hugged by a Whale Calf!

Trish nearly hugged by this amazing baby whale

Trish nearly hugged by this amazing baby whale

Baby whale coming to me

Baby whale coming to me

We just returned from our amazing Whales of Moorea Retreats and are floating in a bubble of bliss still!  See below the story of this extraordinary photo of me being practically hugged by this baby humpback whale  … photo clips taken by Liz Adams on her GoPro.

We took two groups for the first time to the magical isle of Moorea (near Tahiti) which is said to be the umbilical cord of the planet (by Drunvalo Melchizedeck, esteemed spiritual teacher).  Our good friend, Max, lived there and worked on the boats for some years.  He was a beautiful and generous help in answering all of our questions.

One of my greatest dreams has been to travel to Tahiti and Moorea and the mystical beauty of Moorea did not disappoint!  The frosting on the cake is that the Southern Humpback Whales migrate to this special place to give birth and mate … therefore we can swim with them in their deep blue ocean home and float in their immense energy and song!

The first week, we had some beautiful experiences with the whales … the best day being that we floated with a mom and calf for about an hour … the calf coming up to look into our eyes often!  Then, after that amazing encounter, we floated just 30 feet above a singer for over an hour … feeling that powerful song in every cell of our bodies expanded our spirits immensely!  We had a sonic bath that we are sure raised our frequencies tremendously on every level!  The theme for that week and message from the whales was:  “Do not be afraid to go deeper!”

As we would view the magical island from our boat, we would see so many pyramid shaped mountains everywhere.  It was not surprising that the whales channeled information to us that indeed there are inverted crystalline pyramids under those mountains that lead down into the center of the earth through ley lines that lead back up to the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. [Read more…]

Whale Bubbles

Whale Bubbles!

In September of last year, 2010, we took several groups to the Kingdom of Tonga for our spiritual retreats to swim with the humpback whales. We have done this for seven years now and have had the most amazing experiences with these Masters of the Sea.

The whales imbue us with their deep wisdom and grace as we float ever so gently near them. It is surprising to me how close they allow us to be … and especially to their precious calves. We believe that the whales carry the codes of energy that support the planet and that they hold within their giant fields the Akashik Records (energetic knowledge about all of creation.)

They teach us that they are dreaming the dream of what we see as reality before us. They are fully conscious and awake beings. Being in their presence ignites within us that knowledge too and they help us to become who we really are as spiritual beings in human bodies.

On our last trip, I had the most extraordinary experience of all time. We had witnessed a whale “heat run.” This is the term for many males pursuing a female for mating. It is one of the most exciting events on this planet to witness! The power is just overwhelming as they surge forward, trumpeting and sounding with the thrill of the chase.

We spotted at least five and maybe six males chasing a female with a calf and an escort as well. This went on for about two hours and we were right in the middle of the melee! When the chase was over and they all calmed down, we had an opportunity to get in with them because they were now swimming slowly.

On my second time in, I looked only about twenty feet ahead of me and to the side to see that one of the whales was blowing thousands of bubbles from its blow hole. My first inclination was to swim right over to the stream of bubbles to be right in the magical effervescence! A few moments later, I could hear the captain shouting at me, “Trish, look down, look down!”

When I looked below me, there was a huge whale only about ten feet below me. Suddenly it too began to spew out thousands of bubbles right into my body! It was the most exhilarating experience of my life! I felt as though I went right into an altered state of being and could feel the tingling as the bubbles exploded on my skin.

All I could think was that I was being bathed in whale breath … a bubble bath from the largest living beings on the planet! This particular whale swam forward from underneath me and when it got about twenty feet ahead, turned and looked right into my eyes. I though it was going to turn around and come back to me! But it just stared into my soul, turned forward again and went on its way.

The message I received telepathically was that he was helping me to become crystal clear. Also, the main message from the whales for 2010 was to “Allow the unfolding.” Isn’t that beautiful?

After returning home, I felt as though all of my senses were enhanced one hundred fold. To this day, colors are more intense for me and I really do feel as though I am clearer than I have ever been in this lifetime.

I am so grateful to the whales for this extraordinary experience.

*The extraordinary photo was taken by one of our participants in the retreat, Debi Billett … thanks Debi!